Sct. Norberts Skole profile

Welcome to a school with a safe environment, high professional skills and the space to be creative and to get to know yourself.

St. Norbert’s School is a private school in the heart of Vejle – close to Bryggen, Vejle’s old town hall and Strøget. We are a locally anchored school with more than 100 years behind us and with 525 contented pupils spread across class levels from preschool to the 10th class.

Through lively teaching, fellowship, and professional skills, we create the framework for a school where we develop the whole person. Each pupil is unique, and of great value to the community. For this reason, we prioritize responding to each student with respect so that he/she experiences personal development academically, socially, and as a person.

Overall, St. Norbert’s School has the following five profile areas:


A value-based school environment

St. Norbert’s School’s purpose is to create a value-based environment in which caring and charity are supportive elements. Through the Catholic Christian life and human vision, we affirm mutual respect between teachers, pupils and parents.



St. Norbert’s School emphasizes high professionalism in all the school’s subjects. As a result, the pupils meet with subject-specific and committed teachers who possess a clarity about their subject’s academic objectives.


The social aspect

St. Norbert’s School strives to create a spacious environment with security as the core element. The fertile ground has been established for different communities and the development of social awareness and responsibility among the pupils.


The global aspect

St. Norbert’s School shapes and educates pupils for life in a global context. The pupils learn about government, the diversity of the world, different cultures and ways of life. They learn to form opinions and take responsibility as active citizens in the community. During their time at the school, pupils will visit, among other places, Sweden, Belgium and Italy.


The music and creativity aspect

St. Norbert’s School affirms the creative learning environment. This commitment is visible both in the daily life of the school and at other events through the work in specific subject weeks, the instrumental teaching,  and the school’s choice of ensembles such as the musical, the choir, the school band, and the theatre group.