The pedagogical profile

Versatile development

At St. Norbert’s School, we work, among other things, with the child’s all-round development in a community where well-being and a safe environment are an important part of the educational basis for developing and transforming the individual child.

We do this by:

  • challenging and developing the children’s creativity, imagination and curiosity so that they gain confidence, self-esteem and empathy.
  • supporting and motivating the children’s desire to learn and to become absorbed.
  • providing children with the tools to deal with adversity.
  • showing respect for the individual child and the child’s need to be part of a group.
  • ensuring the children are safe each day.


Focus points:

  • Safe conditions
  • Praise and recognition
  • A sense of community, well-being, play and learning
  • Opportunities to develop our own skills through our activities

St. Norbert’s After School Club is available to children from 6:30-8:00 as well as from 12:05-17:00 on every school day. The opportunity is available for children from the kindergarten through to those in the 3rd class. But the 4th year can also take part. We organize an After School Club evening four times a year for the 3rd and the 4th year.

Preschool children can take part in the After School Club from April to June.

There are approximately 200 children aged between 6 and 9. In everyday activities and play, they function as an integrated group where children play together irrespective of class and age levels.

St. Norbert’s After School Club consists primarily of two units: The Greenhouse and the Maria House.

In the Greenhouse, there are opportunities to use our creative workshop, the sewing room, and the large common room for board games, baking and other activities. This location is our base, where we say hello and goodbye.

In addition, there is the Maria House, the hall, the playground and various classrooms that offer scope for play and expression. The After School Club has its own premises, but it also uses the school’s facilities for various other activities.

We also think about seasonal activities. When we are together in the club, we do various creative activities, engage in games and play in the gym. We do much planning and carry out the activities based on the interactions between the children and the adults.

In the After School Club, it is the relationships and the understanding of each other that form a large part of the educational work, contributing to a positive life for children in their day to day experience. Good parenting is very  important for our work with the children, both concerning daily contact and the child’s further well-being.

The starting point for the educational work in the After School Club is to create sound, safe relationships with each other. The children must be partners in their own development, which requires close adult-child contact. The child must be motivated to optimally and suitably challenged in his/her development.

The staff  are a consistent presence throughout the child’s day. They will be in the After School Club, not only in the morning and the afternoon but also in the school. We believe that this approach creates a sense of security for the children. It  also provides a holistic view of the child in keeping with the community and the sense of well-being.

Academic, creative, and social skills must be developed throughout the day. Movement promotes learning and creativity. The physical framework provides opportunities for movement, creativity and inspiration for children.

We have to be a school that inspires. We want to take advantage of creative, musical and sports opportunities and set up even more fertile ground for creativity at all levels. We involve some of the bigger pupils if, for example, we make some fun moves to music. We  consider the  use  of every possible opportunity, so the After School Club should be an open space for everyone, irrespective of their culture.

We make an effort to work closely with St. Norbert’s Kindergarten and other daycare institutions that want to be part of St. Norbert’s After School Club concerning future children.