Practical information

We have put together some practical information for you as parents and hope that we will be able to clarify most of the many questions you have to do with the kindergarten day.

By using the links below, you can quickly find your way around a lot of information.

The office’s opening times:

Each school day 7:50 – 14:30

Telephone numbers:
75 83 51 00

The Departmental Head  Eva Qvist Knudsen
75 82 91 73

Lærkereden – The Lark’s Nest (nursery)
76 40 08 74

Musvitstuen – The Great Tits’ Room (kindergarten)
76 40 08 72

Svalestuen – The Swallows’ Room (kindergarten)
76 40 08 73

Ørneborgen / Førskolen – The Eagle’s Castle / Preschool (kindergarten)
76 40 08 75

SFO, Væksthuset – The After School Club, The Greenhouse
76 40 09 29

SFO, Mariahuset – The After School Club, The Maria House
76 40 09 29

Other numbers:

75 83 49 83

Bank account 9402
Account nr. 5102421

Administration number in the Ministry of Education
631 019

Enrolment for the kindergarten and the school takes place throughout the year. You can print out and complete an enrolment form through The Registration Page –  Tilmeldingssiden. The form can be scanned and sent to or by letter post to Sct. Norberts Skole, Blegbanken 1B, 7100 Vejle.

Children who are 2½ years old can be admitted to the kindergarten but can be registered on our waiting list from birth.

Admission is by seniority on the waiting list. However, we consider that siblings must have priority.

You are always welcome to contact us for a guided tour.

Cancellations must be made with at least two months’ notice.
Contact the office for cancellation or withdrawal from the kindergarten, giving at least two months’ notice by the 1st of a month.

E-mails to the office:


Adjustment of the hourly rate upwards can be made on a day’s notice.                                     Adjustment of the hourly rate downwards must be made with two months’ notice.                                         All adjustments must be made by direct contact with the administration,

Sct. Norberts Skole, Blegbanken 1B,
tel 7583 5100,

See the charges that apply here


Daycare – kindergarten – preschool – after school activity – Sct. Norbert’s School


It is vital to us to make the transitions from one unit to the next as smooth and natural as possible. Therefore, we work close together in the various sections and with the parents when the child is going from one unit to the next – that be from daycare to kindergarten further on to preschool and the after school activities and finally to Sct. Norbert’s School.

In the transition from daycare to kindergarten we form a group of children and help them settle in the new environment. Later staff from Børnehuset (the kindergarten) accompanies the children when preschool starts to improve child adjustment to starting school. Through these processes pictures and other documentation follow the child, as it is important to us to include the child’s history.


Our objectives are:

  • To create a positive and safe environment for children and parents.
  • To create recognizable, predictable, and coherent days.
  • To establish a clear connection between kindergarten, preschool and school.
  • To make the transitions as gentle as possible for both child and parents.

Food is the body’s fuel, as petrol is the car’s fuel.

The dietary policy is prepared by:

The head of the kitchen, the departmental head, and the staff with the co-operation of  the parents’ committee in St. Norbert’s Kindergarten.


  • To foster happy and active children who thrive both mentally and physically.
  • To provide the children with a nutritious and varied diet.


From 6.30 to 7.30, the children are offered rye bread, oatmeal and cornflakes with skimmed milk.

At 9.00, the children get rye bread at our morning assembly.

At 11.00, the children have lunch. Three days a week they get rye bread, cold meat and more, together with something warm (fish, chicken or similar). Two days a week the children get hot food, for example, pasta, meat sauce, potatoes, fish and other menu items.

At 13.30 the children are offered an afternoon snack, for example, whole grain rolls, fruit, pizza snails.

For lunch, the children get skimmed milk and water. The children also have access to water during the day.

Packed lunches:

Parents are welcome to provide the children with additional packed lunches. The contents of the lunches are the responsibility of the parents.

As decided by the parental committee, packed lunches must not contain sweets, milk slices, chocolate spreads, cake and other items, as well as sugary soft drinks and beverages. If children are found with these, we will contact the individual parents.

We recommend that a packed lunch can contain fruit, coarse biscuits, nuts, cheese, figs. We also refer you to the links below.

Birthdays / special occasions:

We regard these days as something special for the child. Sweets, cake and other items can be brought in combination with something filling. We recommend that there is an appropriate balance between these two things and are conscious about limiting the quantity of  unhealthy items.

The course of events and the menu for a birthday are always agreed upon with the staff in the room before it occurs.