Lower secondary level

Getting prepaird for the examins and highschool

The 7th -10th classes, also known as the lower secondary level, have their place in Norbert’s House. The overall work here is to make students ready to move onto the kind of youth education that is right for them. We have high academic standards. Our goal is that everyone gets the full benefit of their particular abilities. At the same time, we are aware that teenagers can have periods of emotional frailty, which is why we  also work on training with well-being, which aims to give young people courage in life, the courage to care for their neighbour, and the courage to pursue their dreams.
The teaching is mainly IT-based, and it is expected that the students in the senior school will bring in their own laptop. The school provides secure lockers with a charging up option.    Through several trips abroad and international cooperation, we try to  equip the students well to  set out into a globalized world.

At St. Norbert’s School, we collaborate with TalentCampDK. TalentCampDK is for those students who want extra academic challenges and who will set aside time at the weekend for deeper subject involvement – either in Danish, English or Mathematics.

You can read more about TalentCampDK here

St Norbert’s has trained three well-being coaches and a well-being coordinator, all of whom must work actively to ensure that the individual secondary level classes at St. Norbert’s School achieve the best results possible. An advanced level of well-being within the classes brings with it a lot of positive effects. With the three value phrases COURAGE to live, COURAGE to say no, COURAGE to show care, we follow MOT Denmark’s thoroughly prepared programme, which consists of 3-4 visits a year per class, with active exercises, reflection and visualization. All of this content is aimed at bringing joy and insight. And the effect is rapidly seen with results that speak for themselves. Healthy young people, increased job satisfaction, high professionalism, less bullying and fewer absences are some of the results that the MOT project produces.

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