The Kindergarten Class

A good beginning

A good school start is vital for the rest of your child’s schooling. In St. Norbert’s School’s kindergarten class lies the foundation for many years of education, This school is where children first experience school life.

The first day of kindergarten class is a great day for all the children and their parents. For the school, it is an important task to fulfil the expectations that the children and parents have, and this school is where your child’s development in the academic, social and personal skills areas will be shaped.

Often lessons will have two trained aides or a teacher and  an aide . The children will receive, among other things, teaching in Danish, mathematics, sports and music. Here, as far as possible, the subjects will be taught by their future teachers from the first class. With this number of adults around them, the kindergarten class at St. Norbert’s School, therefore, has time for the individual pupil and that all children are challenged to perform to their utmost.

In the kindergarten class, much work is done on well-being, language awareness, play and learning as well as motor skills and general education, where visibility and structure are in focus.Jjust as safety and care for the children is a natural prerequisite for our staff.

The school day is from 8.00 to 12.45, after which the pupils can continue in the After School Club.