The introductory classes

Tryghed giver trivsel og læring

From 0 – 3rd class is referred to as the introductory classes, and here, safety, recognition, and developmental learning are at the forefront.

In the introductory classes, efforts are made to make the pupils part of the  common learning environment. Academically, the emphasis is placed on language development, mathematical and logical thinking, exercise and movement as well as several musical/creative subjects. Throughout the school year, work takes place, on common topics across classes and years and alternative teaching methods are used.

Regular routines greatly help to increase the peace of mind that provides well-being and learning. The school gives priority to a dual teacher system throughout the teaching hours g and maintains the  collaboration between the school staff up to the 3rd class.

In the third year, classes go to a school camp at Øm near Ry.