10th grade

A different year

The 10th school year must offer more than just a repetition of the 9th class. At St. Norbert’s School, we aim for your school day to become instructive, relevant and formative. We focus on your personal and academic development. The objective is, amongst other things, to approach the answers to some very fundamental questions:

Who am I? Who do I want to be? And how do I achieve that?

What can I do? What would I like to do? And how do I find out?

Where am I in my life? Where do I want to go? And how do I get there?

Some of the subjects are well known academic studies such as Danish, Mathematics and English. Other subjects are new in both name and content, such as Theme days, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Citizenship, and  Body and Movement.

In the 10th grade, you will find…

… an active community.

… new friends.

… a focus on professionalism.

… teaching relevant to your level.

… a study trip to Rome.

… the opportunity for optional subjects.

… you keep track of your learning choices.

… social skills

… a one of a kind experience

And you can expect…

…to raise your academic level.

…dedicated teachers.

…a positive learning environment.

…respect and democracy.

…a comprehensive everyday life.