Tryghed og faglighed hele vejen

From the 0 to the 9th class St. Norbert’s School is full of a sense of worth, professionalism and well-being. The values of care, mutual respect, and recognition occupy much spacein the school. At St. Norbert’s School, you’ll feel the strength of the community, and as a result, you’ll grow as an individual with an understanding of the democratic rules of play.
Challenging and up-to-date professionalism creates motivation and desire for learning. The school’s teachers are all skilled and committed, and the teaching is not cancelled because of illness but is always covered by competent replacement staff.

The school is divided into three phases – introductory classes, the intermediate stage and the lower secondary level. In each phase, the teaching is organised to give pupils safe schooling with academic progression and challenges. You can read more about the individual phases in the menu on the left.